Dangel Robots and Machinery Inc.
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2 weld cells with long reach OTC robots for MIG welding Steel and aluminum with 2 DRM weld stations and smoke capture.   A 2 robot cell with dual incoming stations and outgoing stations for applying adhesive to automotive quarter glass. The robots destack, clean, applicate the adhesive, and rack the glass.   DRM provided design and upgraded shutter drive hardware, software, and controls to move the Keck I telescope dome shutters in unison with the telescope movement.
OTC long reach robot on DRM slide welds an exercise bike mounted on an indexable fixture in our new work station design featuring hideaway doors for easier operator access to the fixture.   Two station TIG welding cell with rotary positioners for welding counter brackets with pulsed TIG and pulsed wire feed   Welding Aluminum Tanks with a
6 Axis robot at 50 inches per minute
Dispensing Black Prime Adhesive with a 6 Axis Robot and Conveyor Infeed   Drilling Cold Drawn Bars for Strength Development Machines   Four large work stations with indexed positioners, our new hideaway door system, dual robots on a 30' slide, and smoke removal system.
6 Axis Robot and Rotary Table Cell to Weld Steel Tanks   Precision Pallet Jack Fixture for Robotic Welding Improved Capacity Rating of Jack   5 Axis Pick and Place Robot with Added 6th Axis Used to Sort Wafers
Large Electrically Geared Dual Gantry Robot System to Exchange Impression and Ink Rolls for a 10 Color Printing Press   Precision Gear Brusher to
Radius the Teeth in Naval Vessel
Final Drive Gears
  Water Jet Spraying Robot
to Mount Atop a Spray Booth


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