Dangel Robots and Machinery Inc.

Dangel Robots & Machinery (DRM) designs and builds robot systems, robot weld cells, and custom machinery to help its customers achieve lower production costs and consistent quality.

All equipment is carefully designed to fit each customer's unique requirements. DRM's complete turnkey systems include a manipulator, tooling, custom software, parts programming, installation supervision, and operator training on-site. We also offer engineering only or partial systems to manufacturers who wish to complete the system at their own facility.

DRM maintains an engineering office for design and control engineering in Bedford, MA and an integration facility with a high bay and overhead cranes in Worcester, MA for system assembly and test.

DRM is a Massachusetts Corporation, serving customers since 1987.

These robots are an example of DRM's work. For more pictures, see our photo album.

Gantry Robot System
Large Electrically Geared Gantry Robot System to Exchange Impression Roll in a Large Printing Press

(Click on either picture for larger image.)

OTC long reach robot on DRM slide
OTC long reach robot on DRM slide welds an exercise bike mounted on an indexable fixture in our new work station design with featuring hideaway doors for easier operator access to the fixture.

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